About Us

Specialists in experience-driven banking.

Who is aeqbanking?

aeqbanking is a specialist in experience-driven banking. Our mission is to help banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions create a competitive advantage by delivering effective and simplified experiences that put your customers in the center of your digital transformation objectives.

Since 2012, we have helped companies embrace their business potential as Aequilibrium Software Inc. In 2018, aeqbanking was formed to apply years of cross-industry experience and better serve our clients in financial services.

Today, through design thinking, Agile methodology, user experience, and cloud-ready technologies, we enable personalized digital engagement and data-centric approaches to design, build, and run scalable end-to-end solutions for banks and credit unions across North America.

We will help you scale rapidly for the launch of new ventures through end-to-end project teams and advisory services and will future-proof your business by focusing on solutions that account for regulatory and technological constraints.

By helping you embrace FinTech innovation through assembly and curation of customer experience across the board, we will ensure that digital technology adoption is set-up to drive your customer and business outcomes. Lastly, we will be your Agile partner and guide to help you mitigate the risk of change.

Our approach


We provide data assessments and 360-degree views of your customers through journey mapping, insights, research, and analytics.


We take customer insights, research, and data to create meaningful user interfaces and award-winning user experiences.


We work with existing systems to build and deploy technology-forward digital solutions for customer-driven problems.


As an end-to-end delivery partner, we implement and customize Backbase and other digital banking platforms to create unique experiences for banks and customers.

What we do for you.